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Handmade paper

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Swedish locally produced handmade paper. The handmade paper is one of the best of its kinde. It's made from 100% cotton. The surface is neutral white and the texture comes in two different versiones one with more texture and one with less. The cottonfibers is very well suited for printing. The paper is also 100% acid free wich guarantees longevity is therefor excellent.  Because the paper is handmade the fibers end up in no specific pattersn which means there is no direction of the fibers. This means that the paper grows and shrinks the same in all directions when it soaks and dries. The artist paper is produced sheet by sheet in a mould specific to that seize and weight. The quality and character of the paper is unique.

Our handmade paper comes in two diffrent sizes 49x62cm and 38x48cm. The natural border of the paper further enhances the quality feel. Choose between these papers:

Handmade paper of 100% cotton with smooth texture. Suitable for all types of pictures. Mainly portraits with fine details.

Handmade paper of 100% cotton with smooth texture. This paper is suitable for everythingfrom landscape to portrait.

400gsm 38x48cm
Handmade paper made out of 100% cotton with smooth texture. This paper is its own piece of art. Excellent quality and one of the thickest papers on the market today. Suitable for all kinds of pictures.

400gsm 49x62cm
Hand made paper made oout of 100% cotton with rought texture. This paper has a beautiful rough texture which gives the pictue a kind of 3d feel to it. Suitable for all kinds of pictures.

400gsm cold pressed 38x48cm & 49x62cm
Our thickest paper with a unique texture. The paper is coldpressed between zincplates to compress the rough texture of our normal 400gsm paper. The surface has a smooth yet uniqeu character.

We can't print borderless on this paper. For best result make your original 5cm smaller than the paper on each side.

Fine art prints or so called Giclée prints are digital files printed with archival pigment ink printers. All files are inspected before they are printed. If something isn't right we will contact you right away. Our workflow is based off a resultion of 300 dpi/ppi. Our recommendation is that all files you upload have the correct size and resolution. For example if you want to order a 50x70cm print you upload the file in 50x70cm and 300dpi/ppi. For best results all files should be uploaded in 8 bits and aRGB color space.

Feel free to contact us on daniel@printsbydkj.se if you have any suggestions or need support.

Low shipping cost 1-4 sheets only around 15€/20$ depending on where in the world you are located. On framed prints shipping costs are high due to the parcel size. Before ordering a framed hand made print. Please contact us for an estimate.


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